The Dragon Boat Race Festival

The Butterflies celebrated the annual Dragon Boat Race Festival. 

They watched videos to see what the festival was about. 

They had the opportunity to see real dragon boats racing. 

The children made their own boats. 

They used felt tips to decorate the bias with their own dragon interpretations. 

They grasped the pens using palmer and pincer grasps practising writing control. 

When the boats were complete the children raced them in the water tray. 

They blew straws to see who's boat was the fastest. 

They children realised if they blew harder the boat moved faster. 

They made predictions about which boat might win. 

Afterwards the children decorated a huge box to create their own dragon for the dragon parade. 

They used paint to decorate the box and added wings. 

Everyone was very excited to try it on. 

The children listened to traditional Chinese music and had a dragon boat race parade.