This week the children have enjoyed learning all about the Ramadan festival

The children have been sharing books around the Ramadan festival including Rameena’s Ramadan and the Islamic religion. The children have enjoyed looking at how Ramadan is celebrated around the world. 

To celebrate Ramadan in baby room we created our own Ramadan moons and stars. We used yellow playdough and cutters to create our shapes. We explored patting, moulding and shaping the playdough and enjoyed watching what happens when we put the cutters on top.


Toddlers have enjoyed their sensory tray exploring the different texture. The children enjoyed identifying the moon and stars and using the telescopes to look through them to find the stars and moons. The children then also extended their knowledge by using the touch and tilt to listen to Islamic story’s about Ramadan and how it is observed in different countries. 

Well done toddlers for learning about a different religion and extending your knowledge. 


Preschool looked into the Arabic alphabet and we discussed the difference between the English alphabet and the Arabic alphabet, they then got to draw and trace the Arabic alphabet. To extend on this the children watched a story on the touch and tilt about Ramadan. Well done preschool.