Diwali Celebrations with Parents

The Butterflies celebrated Diwali The Festival of Light. 

They explored how this is celebrated around the world by lighting lamps. 

The children took part in making their own diva lamps using salt dough. 

Once they had cooked the children decorated them with brightly coloured paint. 

They placed a tea light candle inside ready to light. 

We wanted to share this special experience with parents. 

The children made some traditional samosas for the occasion. 

This enabled them to experience smells and tastes of Diwali. 

The children chopped up various vegetables to put inside the samosas. 

They carefully handled children's cutting knives.

Once the vegetables had been cut they placed them inside a pan to cook. 

Then they scooped the vegetables into pastry. 

They used fine motor skills to fold up the pastry carefully to make the shapes of samosas. 

Once cooked they got them ready to share with parents. 

Outside the nursery the children excitedly handed out samosas to parents. 

When each child's parent came they lit their child's diva lamp with them. 

It was a lovely experience to share and celebrate Diwali. 

Happy Diwali everyone.