Forest Natural Painting

The Butterflies went to the forest to explore some creative play. 

They collected items to add to paint such as mud, berries and mushrooms. 

The children mixed the materials in with the paint. 

The berries were found from a holly bush. The children used pestle and mortars to mush up the berries and mix it in with the paint. 

Sticks the children found were used to mix the materials together. 

Different types of sticks, branches and leaves were used to make marks on the paper. 

This enabled the children to use a range of media and materials they had foraged themselves. 

Large scale movements were used to make large marks on the roll of paper. 

Some children used their hands to make marks by rubbing the mud and paint on the paper, exploring the sensory feel of the materials on their hands. 

Children explored new vocabulary as they mashed the berries in the pestle and mortar such as mushy. 

The children used a variety of describing words when exploring the materials. 

The children noticed how the berries changed the colour of the paint. 

They added more berries to make the colour of the paint brighter. 

Children also noticed how the mud made the paint darker. 

Children talked about the paint colour in detail with excitement. 

It was an exciting natural creative activity.