Adding a dash of colour!

Adding a Dash of colour!

This week in preschool we have been looking into our spring topic. On Wednesday we decided to carry out our very own experiment by trying to make our own colour flowers using food colouring and paint. We spoke about what we already know about flowers and plants needing water and sunlight to survive, which lead us to the discussion on how our flowers would be taking in the water with the food colouring and paint, which would then make our flowers change colour.

Each child took a turn pouring in some water to the pots and choosing a colour for the flowers, we even mixed some colours together to make a new one. To extend on this the children made their own predictions and used their mark making skills to write these down on some paper. The children predicted if they thought the flowers with the food colouring or the paint would work best and we couldn’t wait to find out in a few days time to see if any of us were correct!

We observed the flowers over the next few days and on Friday morning we noticed some big changes to our flowers. The children spoke about all the different changes we could see, what colours had changed quicker than the others and also discussed our theories from Wednesday. The children noticed that the flowers with the food colouring had worked the best, and the flowers with the paint didn’t work so well, but we would give them some more time to work and will check again after the weekend!

We all thoroughly enjoyed carrying out our own experiments and being great little florists making our own-coloured flowers! Great work Preschool.