Coloured Flower Experiment

The Grasshoppers took part in a coloured flower experiment. 

The children used scissors to snip the stems. 

Then they filled containers with water and used pippets to add colouring. 

They used hand eye co-ordination to transfer the colouring ensuring no spill. 

The stem of the flower was added to the water and colouring, 

The children made predictions about what might happen to the white flowers. 

They examined the flowers and looked for any immediate changes.

Then the children observed the flowers daily looking for changes. 

The children used magnifying glasses to look at the petals and stem.

They used new vocabulary to discuss the flowers such as stem and petal. 

Over time the petals started to change colour. 

Each day the colour got darker and brighter.

The children looked in to how this happened. 

The children discussed how the stem sucked up the coloured water to change the colour.