Meet Coral and Finny

This week the Grasshoppers got some new pet fish for the nursery.

The children made a list of things they would need and headed off to the pet shop to buy the supplies.

The Grasshoppers were very excited as we had to get the train.

Whilst there the Grasshoppers explored the shop and was able to select a fish tank, gravel, decorative ornaments and some fish food.

On the way back to nursery the children looked at a brochure all about how to care for fish.

Back at nursery the children helped prepare the fish tank by using filtered water to clean the gravel and set the tank up ready for the fish.

24 hours later the tank was ready, so the children headed back to the pet shop on the train.

The Grasshoppers looked at the various fish on offer and voted for their favorite fishes, it was decided that we would get two.

The children brought the fish back to nursery and put them into their new home and collective decided to name them Coral and Finny

The Grasshoppers are very excited for our new nursery fish and looking after and caring for them.