Dissecting an Apple

The ponies looked at apples in detail. They started the activity by washing an apple and investigating whether it floated or sunk in the jug of water. Children were able to make predictions and then took time to test their theories by placing the apple in the water. The children discussed with the support of a practitioner what might be inside the apple. This was then cut open and children were able to dissect the apple of it's skin and seeds to explore in detail. Children manipulated the knives exploring their physical development and expanding on their hand eye co-ordination as they used the knife to cut apples in half and used a pincer grasp to pick out seeds. The parts of the apple were examined with magnifying glasses. Children asked questions about the seeds such as what might happen if you eat them and also will they grow more apples. The activity sparked conversation about healthy eating and children were able to research to find the answers to their questions.