Life Cycle of a Duck (1)

We took part in the lifecycle of a duck experiment.

The eggs arrived inside an incubator and the children were able to observe them as they hatched. 

Before they hatched the children made predictions about what was inside and what might happen. 

As the ducks hatched the children watched with awe and wonder. 

They waited patiently for them to warm up and fluff up ready to transfer them from the incubator to the brooder. 

The children learnt what the equipment was for such as the brooder to keep them warm. 

The children set up the cage and brooder ready for the ducks and transferred them over one by one. 

They took turns to feed the ducks. 

And pet the ducks very carefully. 

The children showed care and concern. 

Once the ducks were ready the children put them in the paddling pool allowing them to learn to swim.

Once they got out the children dried them all carefully. 

It was a wonderful experience for the children.