We're Going on a Bear Hunt

The Ladybirds read the story 'We're going on a bear hunt' and enjoyed the repetitive words and recalled the story. 

They listened as the family moved through the various areas of the bear hunt. 

Then they supported Evie to create their own bear hunt small world scene.

They used the small world people to move through the various landscapes and talked about the movements. 

The children used repetitive language from the story such as 'stumble, trip'. 

They took on roles in their play as moved the small world people giving each other family roles such as mummies and daddies. 

They used mathematical language as they counted the steps until they reached the cave. 

They also used positional language as they moved the people in and out of the cave. 

Everyone was very excited when the bear chased them.

It was a wonderful experience for children to link literacy to small world play.