Children-First has comprehensive Policies which can easily be downloaded. Policies are very accessible and transparent. Every Children-First Policy is in place to ensure that we run at an outstanding level, exceed compliance with statutory requirements and facilitate the safe and effective running of Nursery. If you have any questions about a Policy or anything else please email Baby Nursery bn@children-first.info Queens Nursery qn@children-first.info Independent Place Nursery ip@children-first.info and our Managers will respond to your questions.

Policy 1 - Staff Policy

Our Staff Policy is exceptionally robust. This ensures our teams perform at an outstanding level to deliver the very highest quality of learning experiences and outcomes for children at Nursery. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 2 - Organisation Policy

This Policy defines organisation requirements and staff ratios in Nursery for different age ranges, whilst providing the highest standards of welfare and safety requirements for all of the children. Download the full policy here

Policy 3 - Care, Learning and Play Policy

Care, leaning and play levels are exceptional at Nursery. Your child will have fun, engage in meticulously planned, challenging experiences which expand individual learning needs and interests. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 4 - Physical Environment Policy

Our Policy has unusually high standards for Nursery to be warm, welcoming, safe, homely and as secure as possible. Topic based learning spaces ensure each child’s development areas are extended. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 5 - Toys Resources and Equipment Policy

Nursery provides the very highest quality of furniture, toys, learning resources and equipment, accessible in each age appropriate room. Children access an extensive wealth of learning materials. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 6 - Safety Policy

Children-First provides for and is committed to outstanding safety at Nursery in our indoor and outdoor learning areas. Nursery is safe, entirely secure and carefully monitored by extensive CCTV. Download the full policy here

Policy 7 - Health Policy

Physical exercise and highly effective hygiene procedures ensure that children are healthy,  develop and learn very effectively. Children’s health requirements and illness are included in this Policy. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 8 - Menu, Mealtimes and Nutrition Policy

Nursery follows the latest nutritional guidelines for young children. Very healthy, freshly cooked menus, overseen by our nutritionist, cater for all religious, cultural, dietary preferences and allergies. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 9 - Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Policy

Equality, richness of diversity and inclusion are at the heart of best practice provided at Children-First. Positive values promote and ensure every child develops confidence and constructive attitudes. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 10 - Special Needs, Disability and Inclusion Policy

Every child is unique. Our Policy explains clearly, how we support each child in partnership with carers and parents. Children meet their potential enjoying the very best learning experience possible. Down load the policy here and down load the proforma here.

Policy 11 - Behaviour Management Policy

Behaviour management and personal social development are a critical key to outstanding practice. Children are safe, secure and cared for whilst understanding relationships, boundaries and expectations. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 12 - Parent and Carer Partnership Policy

Outstanding parent, carer partnerships and communications ensure everyone is involved. Carers and parents engage in the daily running of Nursery alongside a profusion of special events, days and parties. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 12a - Parent and Carer Contract

It is Children-First policy to provide our Parent and Carer Contract when a child is enrolled onto the waiting list. Setting out our terms, conditions and providing a framework of understanding. It can be downloaded here. More Information can be read in our Parent and Carer Partnership Policy.

Policy 13 - Safeguarding Children Policy

We diligently ensure safer safeguarding throughout our practice from safer staff recruitment to collection of your child. We exceed  The Children Act regulations, maintaining the highest levels of staff training. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 13a - Whistleblowing Policy

Whistleblowing is a fundamental requirement at Nursery. Our informative Policy is clear, concise and straightforward. All members of the Nursery Community are involved and understand their responsibilities. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 13b - E-Safety Policy

Our E-Safety Policy clearly sets out safer, safeguarding requirements and compliance when introducing ICT at the right times. Valuable learning experiences for children are provided using our  ICT resources. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 14 - Data Protection and Privacy

The Nursery has all encompassing requirements for data protection, compliance and privacy. We fiercely protect the data and privacy of children, parents, carers and all members of the Nursery Community. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 15 - Environmental Concern Policy

First written in 1999, Children-First’s Environmental Concern Policy works with children to support learning about care and use of the earth's  precious resources. There is no requirement to have this Policy. Download the full policy here (PDF)

Policy 16 - Curriculum Policy Document 2023

Our curriculum is a framework for learning in Nursery. Children’s interests are always expanded on and embraced from learning starting points. Download the full policy here (PDF)