Homemade Bird feeders

Today the Grasshoppers have been making their very own bird feeders.

The children discussed where birds live and what types of food they eat.

The Grasshoppers were given their own bowls and ingredients to create an individual bird feeder.


The children used real knifes to cut the lard into smaller pieces to make it easier to mould into shape, then mixed in various seeds. 


We used our mixture to mould around a solid shape and added string. 


The Grasshoppers then headed to the local forest to hang up our bird feeders.


Whilst at the forest the children looked around and made suggestions for where we could place the feeders.


We then took a vote and decided to hang them in the trees. 

The Grasshoppers then spoke about the importance of looking after and caring for living things. We we very excited to go back to the forest next week and check up on our Brilliant Bird feeders.