Our 5 five senses

Our 5 five senses

This week to introduce our new topic All about me, we spoke about our 5 senses. Our senses help us to see, hear, smell, touch and taste. The children spoke about the things they could see such as all of the toys in their room, animals they could see and all of the yummy foods they could taste such as ice creams!

To begin our activity we created a box mystery box with a hole cut out and added some tissue paper to hide the entry to the box. The adults then hid a toy inside the box and using their sense of touch, the children then had to touch and feel the item and guess only using their hands. We had items such as Lego blocks, a horse, a toy saw and a toy car. The children enjoyed guessing the items inside the box and found it a little tricky at times, but managed to guess with the help of their friends. The child guessing used describing words such as “bumpy, soft, spikey” to help guess the item inside the box.

For the next part of our activity we tested our sense of smell. To do this we used a blindfold and our teachers held rosemary, lavender and coffee under our noses so we could smell them. The children described the smells and said things such as “it smells like plants, it smells sweet!” The children were able to correctly guess the lavender and coffee and did a great job using their sense of smell to help them identify the items.

To finish our activity we listened to animal sounds and tried to correctly identify them as quickly as we could, which the children did amazingly at and correctly identified them.

Well done preschool for your amazing learning skills and using your senses so well!