Houses and Homes

This week in Butterflies we have been looking at different types of homes and houses as part of our All about me topic.


The children went on a local walk around the community to see the various styles of homes in the area. 


We used lots of mathematical and size language as we discussed what we observed, using words such big, tall and short. We also enjoyed looking at the door numbers about counting all the windows. 


Once back at nursery the children wanted to recreate and build the houses they had seen.


The children selected various constructions materials including wooden bricks and duplo to build and construct with. 


Some of the children worked individually and others decided to construct together.


We had a competition to see who could build the tallest house. It was so much fun.


We also used our new children laptops to research homes from around the world.


The children loved exploring the devise accessing the touch screen.


We then practised our fine motor skills and pen control as we recreated the homes drawing them on to paper.