World Milk Day


World Milk Day- Making Banana Milkshake

For World milk day the babies enjoyed making banana milkshakes. We first watched a short video explaining where milk come from. The babies were saying “cow” as they saw the cow on the video. We then chopped up our banana using our fine motor skills and then placed this into the jug. We then carefully poured the milk into the blender and closed the lid. We then helped to press the button and watched our milkshake mix together. We then enjoyed drinking our milkshake with our peers. It was so yummy.


For world milk day we explored and tasted different types of milk. We tried some normal cows milk and some oat milk. We compared the tastes and voted on which one we liked best.


World Milk Day – Magic Finger!

For world milk day we did a very fun experiment! First, we spoke about the ingredients we had which were milk, food colouring and washing up liquid. We then spoke about how it was world milk day, and that milk is good for our bones as it has calcium, then proceeded onto the experiment. We poured the milk into the tray, then put some drops of food colouring into the milk. Demonstrating first, we put the washing up liquid on our finger, then touched the milk and watched the food colouring move all around the tray! The children then had turns putting some of the soap on their fingers and touching the milk.