Mud Ice Cream

Mud Ice cream station

This week the Grasshoppers headed to the local forest for some creative nature play.

The children took part in some messy mud play by creating a Mud Ice cream station.

We took along some resources from nursery to help support our play with objects such as pots, buckets, scoops and spoons.

The Grasshoppers set off to collect materials igniting their natural curiosity and imagination. This allowed the children to think for themselves and make their own choices.

Back at the station the children set to work creating their own mud ice creams.

The Grasshoppers fully immersed themselves in this activity as they explored the mud and materials using the tools and even their bare hands.

The children were also building on fine motor skills as they pinched and sprinkled the toppings onto their ice creams.

Ideas and imagination was flowing throughout as they children created their own story lines or recreated actions from their personal lives.

The Grasshoppers made suggestions for representation of the natural materials including, Rocks and stones for sprinkles, Grass for mint and sticks for chocolate flakes.

Once finished we brought the activity back a nursery to continue and extended with our friends.

Some children pretended to work at an ice cream parlour and make ice cream for their friend whilst directing their own learning.