Queens Dinosaur Walk

The children followed dinosaur footprints to the forest. 

As they approached the forest they started to spot dinosaur eggs. 

The children carefully collected the eggs and counted how many they had. 

Inside the forest the children could hear dinosaurs roaring. 

Everyone had a chart with all of the dinosaurs they could find. 

The children followed the footprints, roars and eggs to locate a variety of dinosaurs. 

Everyone wore dinosaur repelant so they could not be eaten by the dinosaurs! 

There were lots of dinosaurs to find from small friendly dinosaurs to large Tyrannosaurus Rex's! 

Every time the children located a dinosaur they stamped their charts. 

Everyone was very excited to search the leafy green forest. 

The children talked about what the dinosaurs might like to eat such as the big green leafs and water from the swamp. 

Everyone done a brilliant job at locating the dinosaurs. 

It was all very exciting.