Queens Court Care Home Art Exhibition

The Grasshoppers were invited to Queens Court care home for their art exhibition in honour of Queen Elizabeth II. 

The children worked hard at nursery creating some excellent portraits of Queen Elizabeth II. 

They studied images of Queen Elizabeth both in person and online. 

Gathering information from computers. 

The children used paint and a range of different sized paint brushes to create the portraits. 

They used the images as a reference to create their own interpretations. 

When the portraits were dry the children went to Queens Court care home to take part in the art exhibition.

They presented the art work to the residents and staff. 

Taking part in a parade with the art work showing it to each resident on the way.  

The art work was added to the residents art work on the wall. 

It was a lovely experience for the children and residents to from relationships over the art work. 

Lots of conversation was had.