Ice cream sensory bins (1)

Ice cream sensory bins

This week in the toddler room we finished our summer topic by exploring different textures making ice cream. Our first tray had some oats and rice with some cotton ball ice cream and shredded paper chocolate and strawberry sauce. We also had some pom pom treats and sprinkles to go on top. We used our fine motor skills to put the different ingredients into our cones and bowls. We got very creative with our cones adding the different parts that we wanted like the pom poms and sprinkling the rice on top so that our ice creams had sprinkles too! Once we created our ice creams, we enjoyed using our imaginations to pretend eating them and sharing them with our friends. Our second tray we used playdough to make chocolate ice cream. We again added the different materials along with the playdough so we could try a new form of making our ice cream. This time we enjoyed patting and moulding our playdough ice cream into different shapes. We added spoons and role play props so that we could pretend to add new ingredients to our pretend ice cream cones and tubs. Our final tray was filled with shaving foam. This texture was softer and easier to scoop up with our cones. We enjoyed using our hands to explore and squeeze the shaving foam. Well done toddlers what great exploring and using our imaginations this week. Our new interest of role play is really shining through.