Little Imaginations

On Fridays we all enjoy taking part in Little Imaginations as part of our roster of extra-curricular activities.
Little Imaginations is fun interactive storytelling and sing-a- long session with elements of theatre acting. Activities allow children to express their creativity in a way, which is both imaginative and adapted to suit the age and stage of development needs of each room.
This week Babies loved getting active and using their gross and fine motor skills with various props such as tunnels and beanbags during their transport themed singing session.
Toddles warmed up with fun, prop filled renditions of their favourite songs before moving on to becoming frogs. The children had a wonderful time learning how to move and talk like frogs before acting out the “Five Little Speckled Frogs” nursery rhyme.
Preschool children went on an adventure to rebuild their town, whilst looking for their cat during a storm.
Our teacher Abigail used practical and sound effects to stimulate a thunderstorm, the children particularly enjoyed the rain effects using a spray bottle.
Not only did preschool children have to search for the town cat they also had to search for the building materials to rebuild their town.
The children were very proud of their new town and cat finding skills.