Ice Experiments

Toddler Room

Ice experiments 

This week in the toddler room to continue our summer topic we took part in some experiments with ice. For the first part of our experiment, we tested the effects of painting ice to make marks. We used different colours of paint and added brushes to transfer it to the ice. We then tested moving the ice around in the tray to see the marks it could make. We were amazed that the paint would wash off the ice when we moved it or touched it. To extend this further we then made some edible paint using summer fruits. We mashed the fruits with our pestle and mortar and then repeated the experiment. This made the ice sticky, but we managed to make some red marks using the mashed strawberries. We really enjoyed testing our ideas and watching the results. As we had such a great interest in playing with and exploring the ice, we then extended this further. We made our own-coloured ice cubes using water and food colouring. We poured it into ice cube trays and took them to the freezer. The next day we checked on them and found we had made our own frozen coloured ice. We then explored mark making with these and created some beautiful pictures. Well done, Toddlers, what great experimenting this week.