Our Senses (3)

Our Senses

This week in the toddler room we finished our All about me topic by learning about our senses. We focused on a different one each day. The first day we explored sight. To do this we linked it to colours. We had a different colour in each area and looked at objects of that colour. This helped us with our mathematical skills as we were able to sort and match objects by colour. Our second activity was based on taste. We tasted some very sour lemon and limes. We then extended this by adding juicers and jugs to make lemon and lime juice for us to taste. The third sense we focused on was smell. We all smelled some cinnamon and added this to our playdough. We really enjoyed smelling it and saying, “mmm, nice” and trying  to say “cinnamon” although that is quite a tricky word to say. For our next activity we looked at touch. For this we explored our mystery box. We felt around for lots of different objects in the box and tried to guess what it was. We all took turns and watched as our friends guessed the different objects. We found a car, toothbrush and a ball. Our final activity was based on sound. We used the ipad and speaker to listen and guess the different animal sounds and match them to the correct animal. Well done toddlers what a great week of learning!