Opening Coconuts

The Grasshoppers were very interested in what was inside a coconut. 

They made predictions and talked about what they thought was inside. 

They also talked about how they might be able to open the coconut.

They made a list of tools they thought might help to open the coconut.

They tried to use a drill. Managing the risk carefully as they used this. 

The drill made some holes and the children were able to pour out some of the juice. 

They also tried a hammer. The hammer was able to crack open the coconut and the children were able to explore the inside in full trying the juice and the coconut. 

They also tried a screwdriver. The screwdriver was much harder and took lots of effort. The children used strength and gross motor skills.

Some children tried a saw. They used hand eye co-ordination to both hold the coconut and saw it open. This was tricky and took lots of concentration. 

Everyone tried the coconut and and the coconut water. 

Well done for investigating Grasshoppers.