Goldilocks and the Three bears

This week in toddler room we enjoyed looking at the book ‘Goldilocks and the three bears’. We enjoyed listening to the story being read to us and enjoyed identifying the different sized objects. We enjoyed painting our own bears by using brown paint and sponges. The children used their fine motor skills to dab the paint onto their bears.

We firstly enjoyed making our own porridge using different sized bowls to represent the bears bowls. We went to the kitchen to gather different ingredients we could use to add to our porridge, we used marmite, cinnamon and honey and the children loved each of the individual flavour of porridge. The children tried all of the different porridge and they used words such as ‘yucky’ as they tasted the marmite. They enjoyed the honey one and said ‘sweet’. We ate it all up.

We then went out in the garden to role play goldilocks sitting on the chairs and sleeping on the beds. The children sat on the different sized chairs to represent goldilocks. They enjoyed sitting on the big chair and they said’ comfy’.

We then roleplayed goldilocks sleeping on the different sized beds. We then made a hard bed using clipboards on top, soft bed by using blankets and bumpy bed by placing a cushion underneath.

 The children enjoyed testing out the different sized beds and enjoyed sleeping on the comfy ones.

Well done toddlers for doing amazing role play of goldilocks and the three bears.