Exploring Seeds

This week the Butterflies have been exploring Seeds.

The children took a trip to Waitrose to buy a variety of different fruit and vegetables. Whilst there they spoke about which fruit and vegetables may contain seeds.

Back at nursery the children were eager to cut into the fruit and vegetables and explore which ones had seeds and which ones did not.

They used child friendly knives and chopping boards to cut and chop into the food and are beginning to show a real preference for a dominate hand as they manipulated the knifes.

The children then used a variety of tongs to pick out the seeds. We noticed some seeds were bigger than others.

The butterflies then enjoyed having the fruit and vegetables as part of their snack time. Some children even squeezed the oranges to make a drink.

The next day the children helped set up a planting tray and decided to plant the various seeds into plant pots.

The Butterflies used spades to scoop the soil up and put in into individual pots, added the seeds and then watered them.

We are very excited to see if our seeds grow.