Independent Place Nursery benefits from the quiet of a private gated enclave in the bustle of the city.

Children enjoy 2 natural recently refurbished creative outdoor learning spaces and a dedicated Multi- Sensory Room.

There are 3 age appropriate rooms, each room has messy, quiet, creative, library and learning areas, with IT introduced at the right times.

Natural Community Playthings wooden equipment is used throughout the Nursery to enhance the Nursery and can be easily moved to set up new areas to provide the richness to learning experience and activity areas.

Our Specialist Teachers work with small groups in each of the rooms.

Multi-Sensory Room

Every child at Nursery has opportunities to explore and investigate in our stimulating, high specification, large sensory room with special additional smaller sensory resources. Fitted with the most up to date equipment, it is a stimulating and exciting room which enables children to develop investigatory skills and have fun. Children delight in exploring the fantasy of the room. There are a large number of programmes and sensory experiences which can be chosen from by the team or older children to enjoy. When it is time for babies to sleep, the room is darkened and the quiet space is perfect!

Our Gardens

We are very fortunate to have 2 outdoor learning areas, the smaller garden is especially designed for our younger children, adjoins the Toddler Room and allows for free flow. The garden has a plethora of messy, creative and other learning experiences for the children with sensory learning at the core of planning. Our younger children have access to the large garden during the week. Our larger outdoor learning area is beautifully refurbished with different focus areas including sensory areas. The design provides unlimited flexibility in setting up new and fascinating learning activities and physical co-ordination activities.

Baby Room - Ducklings and Goslings

Our youngest children are cared for in 2 Key Groups led by 2 qualified Key Workers. The Baby Room is small, cosy and homely environment which supports settling of new babies. Babies have access to an enormous range of resources which are specifically designed to support their learning in the first year of their life. Babies physical development is supported inside and outside in the outdoor learning area. A wealth of resources encourage cruising, first steps, exploratory learning and heuristic experiences. Our Baby Room is adjacent to the Multi-Sensory Room, allowing our babies to free flow between the rooms. When the lights go out, our babies feel very secure when sleeping in our Multi Sensory Room.

Toddler Room - Penguins, Puffins and Pelicans

Toddlers have access to their own small garden, where free flow and choice making is encouraged. Toddlers grow and develop confidently in their very spacious multi-use room. Children move around the room choosing activities and engaging with their Key Workers. Quieter circle times, provide Key Workers time to focus with the children on learning areas and next steps. Toddler Room has designated areas for messy play, sand play, water play, book areas, a clambering wooden toddler gym, and home corners. The children enjoy an enormous range of messy, creative, and learning activities available for them to choose between on a daily basis supported by shelves packed with learning equipment.

Pre-School Room - Dolphins, Seahorses and Turtles

Children in our Pre-School room have free flow access to a secure purpose-built larger sensory garden as well as a very large indoor learning space. This encourages autonomy and choice. Amongst other planned activities, children have access to educational IT learning experiences, construction toys, a large home corner, a designated mark making and writing area, a cosy book corner and a stimulating messy play and sand area. Child-sized toileting facilities are accessible from the room. Quieter circle times, provide Key Workers opportunities to focus with the children, on Pre-School learning and transition preparation for school. This ensures children are very confident when they go to school.

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