Superhero Smoothies

The Grasshoppers have had a huge interest in superheroes this week. 

To extend on this we decided to make superhero smoothies. 

The children went to the supermarket to choose ingredients for each smoothie. 

they wanted to make a green Hulk juice, red Spiderman smoothie and a yellow power ranger juice. 

In the supermarket the children chose fruits and vegetables that matched each theme such as yellow bananas for the power ranger smoothie and strawberries for the Spiderman smoothie. 

Back at nursery the children juiced and chopped up the various fruit and vegetables. 

They were added to the blender. 

the children watched as they were blended and changed in consistency and texture.

The blender was used to learn life skills and see that technology can be used for a purpose. 

The children tried the smoothies and turned into superheroes for the afternoon!