Exploring Clissold Park

Dolphins and Seahorses went on a wonderful adventure to Clissold Park.

The children started off their adventure by taking in all of the local sights as they rode on the bus, but the real fun began once they got to the park and begun to explore.

Their first course of action was to visit their old friends the Deer. The children took this opportunity to recall their past visit and talk about the other animals they remembered seeing at the park. They then went onto say hello to the birds and had a discussion about the different birds they observed.

Next on the agenda was using the amazing variety of spaces the park offers to explore the natural environment. The children playing hide and seek under the big willow trees and observing the small stream

They loved their picnic- especially talking about the playground that they were about to enjoy. At the playground the children further developed their physical skills through climbing, balancing, jumping, swinging and running.