3 Pigs Building Site

The Ponies have been reading the traditional tale The 3 Little Pigs in line with our fiction and fantasy theme. The children like the traditional tale and are able to recall the story particularly the repetitive parts and use this in their play. 

The children had the mission to help the 3 little pigs and support them to build their houses of straw, sticks and bricks to help protect them from the big bad wolf! The children worked collaboratively to build the houses around the pigs retelling parts of the story of their play. 

Straw was used to cover the first pig, sticks and logs were used to construct with natural materials for the second pig and bricks were stacked on top of each other using shaving forma and sand as cement as a sealant to construct a house made of bricks. 

When the Big bad Wolf arrived the children narrated parts of the story such as "not by the hair on my chinny chin chin, i will not let you in". The Big Bad Wolf proceeded to attempt the blow the houses down just like the story.