Food that Changes

The Butterflies undertook some experiments with food. 

They started by looking at melting chocolate. 

The children mixed the chocolate in a bowel of hot water to melt it. 

They looked at the change in state. 

They explored new language such as melting and drizzling. 

They all enjoyed dipping strawberries into the melted chocolate.

Next the children looked at making ice. 

They poured water into ice trays and explored what happened when they froze. 

Next they poured hot water onto ice and talked about what happened such as the ice melting. 

The children also cooked noodles. 

The hard noodles were placed into a pot of water and the children talked about what happened. 

The noodles changed texture and turned soft! 

Everyone liked tasting them. 

Lastly the children looked at marshmallows. 

They toasted them in different ways to see what happened. 

They noticed the colour change of the white marshmallow. 

They pulled the marshmallow apart noticing the changing stringy texture.