Boats That Float

The Grasshoppers designed their own boats. 

They used paper and other construction materials to create them. 

They talked about why they think the boat will float. 

Some children folded paper into the shape of boats. 

Then they took the boats to the forest and pond. 

They looked at the water and made predictions about whether the boats will sink or float. 

Everyone took turns to try their boat in the water. 

The children recorded on clipboards who's boat floated and who's boat sank to look at building data on paper. 

Some boats floated at first and sunk when water got inside them. 

The children talked about why this might happen. 

They suggested it was because of the heavy water! 

Once everyone tried their individual boats the children worked together to make a raft. 

They used natural items from the forest to make the raft. 

Different fastenings were used to design and make the raft. 

Then they launched it into the water and it floated! 

Well done Grasshoppers!