Africa Continent

Africa Continent 

On Thursday the babies enjoyed learning about the African Continent. To link this we enjoyed learning about the book ‘Handas Surprise’. The babies enjoyed going out on a local trip to the market and enjoyed looking at the different fruits needed for our fruit tasting session. The babies were engaged and enjoyed picking the different fruits from the bowls and then enjoyed giving the stall man the money. We enjoyed listening to the story and enjoyed looking at the props. We then enjoyed looking at all the different fruits and enjoyed tasting them. The babies enjoyed exploring different textures of the fruit and then enjoyed using their fine motor skills to cut up the fruit and enjoyed tasting them. 

We enjoyed tasting all the different fruits. 

We celebrated Lion day in toddler room by creating our own lion savannah. We really enjoyed making our lions “roar” and talking about how they look. As we played we sang “leo the lion” and did lots of pretend play with our lions. To extend this we then painted our own lions we mixed red and yellow together to create our orange manes. We enjoyed creating lots of marks to make our lions. To finish off lion day we all took part in “sleeping Lions” where we jumped, crawled and roared exploring lots of different ways of moving as we pretended to be lions.

This week for world Africa day on Thursday, preschool looked into the culture of Africa and some of their traditions including African drumming, looking at their traditional music and also of course the animals which reside in Africa. 

The children learnt some key facts about Africa, did you know that the continent Africa has 54 countries? These include some of the most important countries in Africa, starting with South Africa where you can find the Table Mountain inside Cape Town, Egypt which is famous for its pyramids and finally the Democratic Republic of the Congo, most famous for its Congo rainforest! 

The children enjoyed learning a few facts related to Africa and enjoyed having a go at taking part in their own musical festival using their African drumming skills. We watched a short clip of African drumming and the children celebrated and danced along banging their drums and other musical instruments as well as identifying the traditional clothing the people of Africa were wearing. We also discovered that a few of the animals which reside over Africa and the many countries are a Cheetah, Giraffe, Elephants and Camels. Preschool children also learnt that Camels reside in the northern part of Africa in the Sahara Desert. We spoke about the desert and how camels can go many days without drinking water, but we all agreed that we couldn’t do that and we all need water to stay healthy! Great thorough involvement and listening skills were shown when learning all about the amazing continent of Africa. Well done Preschool!