Herb Garden

This week the Ladybirds have been learning about different herbs whilst creating their own herb garden.

The children took a trip to Waitrose to find the fresh herb section in the supermarket.

The Ladybirds were able to explore the various herbs on offer, looking at the different smells, sizes and textures.

After learning lots of new herb names and extending on language, the children choose some of their favorites including Mint, Thyme, Sage and Tarragon.

The children used technology at the self service tills scanning the items. 

Back at nursery the children prepared the planters by adding fresh soil using spades and wearing gardening gloves.

The Ladybirds then helped transfer the various herbs into their new herb garden commenting that they smelt nice.

We spoke about what the herbs would need to help them grown and the children suggested lots of water.

The children then helped carry the planters into the garden to access the taps.

They filled watering cans and carefully poured the water over the plants saying that the plants were very thirsty.

The Ladybirds are really looking forward to caring for their herbs and adding them to meals for additional flavors.