Black History Month (1)

October was Black History Month. We celebrated by explore a wide range of cultures and countries. Parents supported us by coming in for sessions on their home countries teaching the children about family traditions and cultural celebrations. Sessions also included music, dance, cooking and creative activities. The children in the Grasshoppers explored patterns and fabrics from around the world as they made bags with children’s sowing equipment. Masks from around the world we looked at and the children took inspiration from these as they created their own masks. Traditional baskets were made through a weaving activity and the children took inspiration from traditional African baskets and used fine motor skills to weave baskets. Beads were used to make traditional jewellery for the children to wear and take home. A range of musical sessions were introduced such as a steel pan band, African drumming session and an Egyptian drumming session. We purchased steel pan drums for the nursery as well as traditional African drums for the children to explore at their own leisure.