Colour Sorting (1)

This week the Ladybirds have been taking part in colour sorting activities.

Sorting and grouping things together is an important cognitive skill, It teaches children to notice similarities and differences, learn to categorise and develops early literacy and numeracy skills.

It helps with memory, attention, problem-solving and logical thinking.

It also has a vital part in helping children to develop their descriptive language skills, which encourages clear communication and understanding.

Firstly the children worked on fine motor skills by matching coloured wooden pegs to the correct colour paper, they pinched the peg together using their fingers and clipped it to the matching paper.

The Ladybirds continued with hand and eye coordination by using large tweezers to pick up and manipulate coloured number cubes, which they then dropped into the correct coloured block. This took lots of concentration.

Next the children used various coloured wooden sticks which they slotted into narrow gaps on a cardboard box of the corresponding colour, this involved lots of focus and attention.

Once the children were confident and familiar with their colours they set off on a colour hunt around the nursery and excitedly found various objects proudly naming them.