Measuring our Beanstalks

The Grasshoppers bean plants began to grow. 

They read the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and were very excited to see that they had grown their own beanstalks. 

They talked about what was needed to help the bean plants continue to grow. 

Everyone decided on the water and sunlight. 

Lots of mathematical language was used to talk about the beanstalks height including 'tall' and 'long'. 

The children began to build towers with maths cubes to the same height as their beanstalks. 

Children made predictions about how many cubes would be needed. 

They counted how many cubes they had and added more if needed. 

More mathematical language was used such as 'taller', 'higher' and 'lower' to describe the towers in comparison to the beanstalks. 

The children then made comparisons about who's beanstalk was the tallest. 

They put their beanstalks in height order and learnt to categorise and organise by height. 

They also used different sized rulers to measure the beanstalks. 

Children recorded their measurements to see that mathematical information can be recorded on paper. 

We can't wait to see our beanstalks start to grow beans!