Leaves are falling down

Leaves are falling down:

This week in preschool, we talked about autumn leaves! We first discussed all the things we knew about autumn leaves, one of the children said, “some leaves are pink and some are brown!” Another child said, “I like jumping in them!” The children then watched a video all about why leaves turn different colours and why they fall. The children learned that leaves need lots of sun to grow and stay green, so when the weather gets colder and the sun doesn’t shine as much the leaves turn a different colour and fall. Throughout the week, in the garden and on their autumn walk, the children collected and brought lots of leaves in. We made some leaves bracelet using their fine motor skills and cellotape! The children chose their leaves and different plants and added it to their piece of tape, and we then added another piece of tape on top and wrapped it around our wrists. Another activity we did with the leaves were painting. We added some PVA glue to our different coloured paints to make them into window decorations. The children used paint brushes to apply the mixture to their leaves and left them to dry. Well done preschool!