Life Cycle of a Duck (2)

Over the past 2 weeks we took part in the life cycle of duck experiment. The children were able to watch first hand as the ducklings hatched from their eggs inside the incubator. The ducklings used their beaks to crack the egg and push their way out. As the ducks dried off and fluffed up inside the incubator the children were able to transfer the ducks from the incubator to the cage and brooder successfully. Filling the cage with sawdust, food and water and creating and ideal habitat for the ducks. 

Over the first few days the children were able to handle the ducklings carefully, feeding them from their hands and petting them. As time progressed the children were able to put the ducklings in water and support them to swim. Children were caring and helped dry the ducklings afterwards with towels. Teaching the children life skills.