Chinese New Year (1)

Queens Nursery celebrated Chinese New Year. 

They learnt about the celebration by reading stories and using the touch and tilt table to see Chinese New Year parades around the world. 

They explored Chinese food by cooking their own using a hot plate. They discussed the risk of burns and made an effective list of how they could ensure they did not burn themselves. 

They chopped vegetables and added them to the pan with noodles. 

Everyone tasted the stir fry and talked about food they have like this at home. 

To extend on this a Chinese food tray was set up filled with Chinese foods, utensils and tableware for the children to explore. 

They worked together to mix the ingredients and talked about the taste, texture and smell. 

They then had the opportunity to make Chinese tea and taste it. 

This was followed by making Chinese fans and decorations for a traditional Chinese New Year parade which was enjoyed by all!