Anniversary of the Moon Landing

Moon Landing

In toddler room this week we learned about the moon landing. We watched a short clip of the Apollo 11 rocket go to the moon. We helped with the countdown before the rocket blasted off. We saw Neil Armstrong step onto the moon and stated, “Its dark”, “there’s rocks”. We then created our own moons using grey pasta and some chalk. We used our fine motor skills to stick the different pieces on. As we did this, we enjoyed talking about the things we had seen in the short clip of the moon landing. This week preschool learned about the moon landing which inspired a tuft tray all about astronauts landing on the moon. We made moon sand out of flour, sand, food colouring and oil. We made a consistence and looked around the room for different resource that could resemble moon rocks, we used crumbled foil, magic gemstones and roleplay rocks. They used magnifying glasses to explore their findings in the tuft tray and used paint brushes to dust away the moon sand to find star dust!