Our Senses (1)

Our Senses

This week to continue our All about Me topic we learned about our senses and how we can use them while we play and explore. In our room we do a lot of our leaning and exploring through using our senses, so this was very familiar to us. We first explored sound and to do this we used xylophones and shakers to create different sounds and experimented with creating loud and quiet sounds depending on how hard we hit the xylophones. The next sense we explored was light, in the sensory room we turned off the lights and used the light table and light boxes to explores colours and shadows. Touch was our next sense we explored and to do this we explored different treasure baskets that contained a variety of materials that we could explore. We felt soft sponges, rough scrubbers, and smooth materials. Our last two senses we explored at the same time we had a lovely picnic with our teddy bears to explore smell and taster. We tasted a variety of fruits and dry snacks as we role played with the bears and the different role play foods to extend our imaginative skills.