Wood Work Workshop

The Grasshoppers extended on risky play with some simple wood work. 

They stated by looking at each tool and the use and risks of them. 

The children talked about how they can manage the risks. 

They decided to always use them with a teacher, stay seated and be very careful. 

Beth recorded the children's thoughts on a children's risk assessment sheet. 

The children started by using a small saw. 

They held the saw carefully using both their dominant hands and also two hands if needed. 

They used high levels of concentration and motivation to make the cut with strength and determination. 

They moved the saw backwards and forwards until eventually the wood was cut in half. 

Then the children started to use a small hammer and nail to fix the pieces of wood together. 

The children held the wood down for each other carefully. 

They also used a nail safety tool to hammer in each nail. 

The children continued to persevere with the task even if difficulties occurred. 

They counted how many bangs it tool to hammer in the nail. 

Everyone had a turn to hammer in a nail. 

Once the pieces had been fixed together the children were happy with the bird house they created. 

Beth hung the bird house outside for the children to see. 

The children were excited and very proud of their achievement. 


Then the children