Frozen Fruit Treats

Frozen Fruit Treats

To kickstart our new summer topic we made different frozen treats. We went to the market and chose different fruits that we could freeze! We explored Dalston market looking at different exotic fruits and we used negotiation to settle on the fruits that we wanted. We then paid for the fruits ourselves and even tried to work out the change we would get it was lots of fun! Once we came back to the nursery we cut up the fruits so we could freeze them. Once frozen we added them with a little bit of milk to a blender to create a banana ice cream and a mixed fruits ice cream!

We also made ice lollies using blueberries, raspberries and water melon! When we cut into the watermelon it was such a surprise that it wasn’t red but yellow, we couldn’t believe it! We had a cheeky taste to see if it tasted the same and it did. We decided it must have come from a magic land where yellow watermelons grow. We then got the hand blender inside the watermelon to make it into a juice for our ice-lollies. We poured it in the mould and waited 24 hours for them to freeze and eat. Both frozen treats were so yummy and we couldn’t believe it was made using no sugar and only fruit!.

To further extend this we have been making ice creams in our role play ice cream parlour using our imagination to make different ice cream concoctions and using maths skills to charge our friends the correct amount for each ice cream. We also made our own ice creams on the iPads using technology to see how we produced something on a screen to seeing it in real life on paper. We was very confused how the colour didn’t go on our fingers!

Well done preschool, you’ve engaged so thoroughly this week and have gained 

so much from your different experiences. We are so proud of you!