Nocturnal Animals (1)

Nocturnal Animals

This week in toddler room we started our November topic Light and Dark. To do this we looked at nocturnal animals. We had a group discussion where we talked about animals that only come out at night. We talked about how they are sleeping when the sun is up and awake when the moon comes out. We used the laptop to further research this so we could see some of these animals. We then completed a shadow matching game on the touch and tilt table. This helped us explore our ICT skills and learn that we can use different things to learn new information. We then extended this by creating a light and dark tuft tray. We set out nocturnal animals on the darker side and other animals on the light. We used key words in the tray to develop our language and we all enjoyed using our imaginations to explore playing with the animals. To further extend this we created some spiky hedgehogs using sticks and brown playdough. This activity really helped us use our motor skills. Well done toddlers what a great week of learning!