Queens Baby Nursery cares for children between 3 months and 18-22 months when children transition to Queens Nursery. We work within the latest guidance of the Early Years Foundation Stage throughout the Nursery.

We are rated by Ofsted as Outstanding.

The Nursery is a couple of minutes walk from Buckhurst Hill tube station with drop off points in our car park.

We have a wonderful new garden which the children love exploring and 3 age appropriate rooms dedicated to the development of the individual ages within the Nursery.

Each room has with age appropriate toys and equipment, messy, quiet, creative, library and learning areas, with ICT introduced at the right times.

Natural Community Playthings wooden equipment is used throughout the Nursery to enhance the Nursery and can be easily moved to set up new areas to provide the richness to learning experience and activity areas.

Our Specialist Teachers work with small groups in each of the rooms.

Parent Partnership and engagement is at the core of everything we do.

The children benefit from fresh food cooked from scratch by our Nursery Chef.

Entry and exit is via our CCTV system.


Everyday babies and children enjoy our newly refurbished, carefully designed garden. There are 3 wonderfully, distinct areas constructed from natural materials which include a covered U.V. protected area and a sand pit. This special garden is a haven for play, limitless fun, activities and physical development. The garden has a plethora of messy, creative and other learning experiences for the children with sensory learning at the core of planning. The design provides unlimited flexibility in setting up fascinating new activities, physical co-ordination activities and a lovely growing area for the children's vegetables and herbs. Redevelopment of the garden has increased the children's engagement to a phenomena level. As they get older they are encouraged to suggest their own ideas for garden activities, these are included in planning and the children's suggestions come to life!

Sensory Experiences

Each of our age appropriate rooms have a variety of different sensory activities which supports children's development in their 5 senses. Babies engagement in sensory experiences enhances learning through hands-on activities that stimulate their senses and brains. This makes it the perfect way to explore and understand the world. Sensory play is an excellent bonding experience for the children between Key Workers and their friends. Sensory play supports language development, thinking and reasoning development, fine and gross motor skills, social and emotional development. Sensory information is the basis for all learning; touch perception leads to fine motor skills; seeing and hearing accurately allows children to listen to instructions, develop language, speak clearly, interpret things they see, and accurately feeling where their body is in the space around them helps define balance, core strength and endurance.

Cosy Areas

Queens Baby Nursery provides a small, cosy and homely environment, different from other Nurseries, which supports the settling of babies into the Nursery. Our Cubs, Tigers and Lions Rooms are all split into 2 areas, one for stimulating activities, messy play and meal times and the other for quieter activities, circle times, cosy book areas, sleeps and naps. We provide homely cushion and rug areas, giving children the opportunity for relaxation, when they want: perhaps whilst browsing and exploring books. Cosy areas develop, move around the rooms and create new spaces with books and resources. Our cosy areas are tranquil spaces, away from the hubbub of exciting stimulating messy play and have an important role in learning to relax, socialise, enjoy quieter times and start to develop mindfulness. Enjoying these times in our cosy areas helps children recuperate energy for the rest of the exciting, stimulating activities they enjoy throughout the day.

Cubs Room

The Cubs Room provides a warm and stimulating environment for the babies to freely explore their own abilities, and begin to develop their own interests. The safe, caring environment enables babies to develop strong bonds with their Key Workers, supporting their transition into Nursery, whilst being given lots of positive interactions and experiences. Parents are encouraged to be as involved as possible; we work extremely closely with parents to ensure babies settle happily when leaving when parents leave their babies in our care for the first time. During the settling process, we follow the children’s individual routines to reflect their home environment so that babies feel secure with their home routine. Babies have access to an enormous range of resources specifically designed to support learning in the first year of their life. A wealth of resources encourage cruising, first steps, exploratory learning, messy play and heuristic experiences.

Tigers Room

The Tigers Room creates an active and engaging environment providing specific areas for children to explore and make their own choices and decisions on what they would like to play with whilst enjoying activities on offer. These experiences help children’s next steps in learning. Many children begin taking a keen interest in physical activities such as soft play or ball pool time. Equipment is always on offer to the children which challenges and develops their physical abilities and encourages children to take steps. Children begin to see themselves as an individuals at this age so teach skills such as feeding themselves. This sparks their interest in care routines such as putting on shoes and coats to go into the garden. Language development is stimulated and encouraged in planned activities and by asking open ended questions. Independence is supported to ensure enjoyable transition as they begin to move into the Lion’s Room.

Lions Room

The Lions Room is for our older children who enjoy free flow to the garden twice a day. Lions become very interested in the weather and playing in the garden supports gross motor skills development and decision making. Accessible resources enhance children’s selection and choices from a huge variety of learning resources, toys and equipment that support the development of imagination, communication and language skills whilst working towards the child’s next learning step. Children are engaged, reaching mile stones and having fun whilst learning. Encouraging children to find their coats, shoes and bags gives them a real sense of individuality, making them feel more at home. Children are prompted to dish their own food up at meal times and to put their plate in the bowl when they are finished. We strive to encourage the children to be as independent as possible before they begin their transition to our Pre-School.