Forever blowing bubbles

Forever blowing bubbles

This week in preschool keeping in theme with our topic of summer, we decided to test out making our own bubbles using different solutions, following on from their love of bubbles.

In small groups, we decided to try to make and test some bubble solutions to see which made the best and biggest bubbles, our solutions consisted of: Shaving foam and water, washing up liquid and water and finally bubble bath and water.

Before we started each group made their own predictions whether they thought the solution would work or not. “I think shaving foam will be bubbly” one child said, “this one might be sticky” another child said about the bubble bath. Once our predictions were made we decided to test out our ideas.

Each group mixed together the parts and then from our basket of different shapes and objects to use as bubble wands, each child selected one item to then dip into our solutions to test them. We found that the shaving foam formula was not that successful, however the bubble bath and the washing up liquid were.

To further our extend on our experiments, we joined together for one final solution to test out. Using actual bubble solution and water, we mixed them together in a big tuff tray and using a hula hoop we tried to create a child sized bubble, which formed an incredible orb around them! The children were smiling and cheering on for their friends which created a lovely atmosphere in the garden! Each child got a turn to stand inside the hula hoop and watch as the bubble formed around them, before it quickly popped!

The children thoroughly engaged with this activity and their little eyes and heads were filled with awe and wonder. The incredible naturally we could not be prouder of them!