Seaside Scene

The Ladybirds explored a seaside small world tuff tray. 

They had a variety of sections with different animals and habitats such as sea animals in the water and crabs on the sand. 

The children added a variety of small world people to the tray and started to take on roles in their play such as putting the people on boats. 

The texture was explored through the children's senses and the children explored water, sand, slime and jelly. 

The children used the palm of their hands to feel the texture and rubbed them together describing the texture. 

New vocabulary was introduced such as "whale", "dolphin" and "submarine". 

The various textures were mixed together and the children talked about wet and dry textures. 

They added water to the sand and practised with trial and error making the right consistency to make sand mould shapes. 

Everyone enjoyed taking it in turns to knock it down after!