Big Imaginations

Our role play day was a huge success with all children having the opportunity to explore the varied large scale role play set out across our three rooms and gardens.

The Ducklings, Goslings, pelicans, Puffins and Penguins particularly loved exploring our building site. The children were able to explore different construction materials as well as having the opportunity to further develop their gross motor skills through the use of the wheel barrows.

The younger children also thoroughly enjoyed exploring ICT through the metal detector and hand lots of fun dressing up.

(EYFS - Physical Development - Moving and Handling - "Beginning to balance blocks to build a small tower")


We also had our very own fire station which was extended into our lager garden to further enrich the children’s experiences. The children enjoyed using their fire fighter tools to explore colour and how different colours mix.

(EYFS - Expressive Arts and Design - Exploring and Using Media and Materials - "Explores colour and how colours can be changed")

taking advantage of our newly created restaurant. Seahorse, Turtles and Dolphins were very enthusiastic when picking the ingredients for their cooking and loved talking about the different smells and textures they were exploring. 

We all loved tasting their pasta creation at tea time.

(EYFS - Communication and Language - Speaking - "Uses talk to connect ideas, explain what is happening and anticipate what might happen next, recall and relive past experiences")