Partnership Lead

Each Nursery has a parent and carer Partnership Lead who is responsible for partnership at Nursery, details of the can be found on the staff photo-board at each Nursery or from the Manager. Equality, diversity and inclusion is at the heart of all policies, procedure and practice. The Nursery Director is a working parent and the remote parent and carer Partnership Lead. The Nursery builds parent and carer partnerships by having a plethora of proactive systems in place that work effectively for both working and non-working parents and carers from their first visit to when children go to school. These include:

Information and communication

Whilst showing carers and parents the Nursery, we ensure that we communicate as much information as possible and the information parents want. We ask parents and carers what they would like to know about the Nursery and ensure that we provide the answers parents and carers need. Parents and carers are actively encouraged to email or phone with further questions at any point during enrolment process, waiting list time, start dates and during the time their child is at Nursery.

Partnership is Ofsted outstanding

We are rightly incredibly proud of our Ofsted reports. Inspectors always speak to carers and parents and their observations on the strength of carer, parent partnership at each Nursery is key to children’s success. Reports endorse the highest level of commitment to work at an outstanding level in all of our settings in parent partnership, providing outstanding care and learning for children in most formative time development. Nursery Managers can provide a copy of reports and links to the reports are on the Children-First website.

Ratios for young children is higher

We make parents and carers aware that the Nursery fees for younger children are higher than children over 3 as the staff ratios are much higher for children under 3. Parents and carers are aware that we accept all government approved fee schemes. We offer the 15 and 30 hours FEEE to all qualifying parents. Our Parent Contract and Enrolment Form is updated annually and Parents are informed and sometimes consulted on changes to the terms and conditions. Fees are reviewed annually and parents are kept up to date.

Settling your child into Nursery

Very close partnerships and flexibility are critical when parents settle children into Nursery. Children-First enables children to integrate, according to the needs of the individual child and their parent or carer. Gradual settling with parents, carers and children sharing sessions together, smooths the route to Nursery. This supports young children to feel safe, secure, loved and engaged in the Nursery. The Nursery enables a close partnership with carers and parents to ensure a happy, measured transition from home into Nursery.

Want to talk to us

Carers and parents are welcome to email the Nursery directly to exchange information or ask questions of the Manager or staff, request extra sessions, ask how their child has settled during the day, or flag up something important such as a holiday. Parents and carers are encouraged to phone the Nursery at any time to ask any questions or ask how their child has settled that day or anything else. This easy access to Nursery is especially important in the early days of settling at Nursery, or after a prolonged absence.

Parent and carer engagement

Nursery is committed to partnership and engagement. Children are very interested in parent and carer experiences of occupations, professions, family, careers, and diversity of cultures, festivals, beliefs and recipes. Parents, carers and close relatives are welcomed into the Nursery to share these experiences with the children. This extends learning and understanding for children, whilst embracing British Values. Children get very excited about visits, especially when it is their relative who is visiting and sharing!

Quality Handovers

Parents and carers enjoy quality daily handovers at drop off and collection. At drop off carers and parents update Nursery about, medication, other relevant information such as a change in collection time or health worries. Evening handovers are very important. We give a catch up about the child’s day at Nursery, meal times, activities enjoyed, toileting, achievements, and general behaviour or wow moments. Parents and carers take home a written daily report, supplementing the verbal handover process.

What's happening at nursery

Carers and parents are regularly updated by whiteboard messages, noticeboards, informative weekly catch-ups and detailed Newsletters, full of information. Frequent updates keep everyone informed of the daily working of the Nursery, children’s activities during the week, plans for next week, special activities, interesting visits, festivals, special days, stay and play sessions, outings, menu changes, Specialist Teachers, invitations to events or parties, important reminders and the life of children at Nursery.

When are special times

Nursery life is very busy and full for children and Nursery shares a superabundance of special times with carers and parents. The list is incredibly long, but a taste of examples are: breakfast sharing, stay and play days, festive plays, Specialist Teacher sessions, themed craft sessions, woodland walks, Gruffalo hunts, art sessions, cooking activities, August Carnival, Pre-Schooler’s graduation party, festival celebrations, parties, grandparents’ day, International Woman’s Day, Easter egg hunts and picnics.

Parents and carers evenings

Carers and Parents Evenings are informal and informative. This is an opportunity to sit down and discuss children’s progress and development and to ask questions. For parents or carers who are unable to attend the time and date offered, we happily agree daytime meetings ensuring inclusion. Children’s records and learning journeys are discussed and reviewed. Children’s records are accessible, without notice, if parents or carers want to review them or discuss their child’s progress and development.

Online learning journals

Parents and carers love their child’s individual on line learning journey, it can be accessed via an App whilst on the go. The App provides detailed, regular developmental updates, videos images, visual images, observations, wow moments and information about their child’s progress at Nursery. Parents and carers are encouraged to upload home observations, photos, and videos to give the Nursery an insight into things that each child enjoys doing at home.

Healthy nutritious food

Parents and carers want healthy nutritious, food for their children and compliment us on the quality and nutritional value of our menus. Menus rotate over 3 weeks. Updated menus, in response to new guidance, are reviewed by our Nutritionist Children enjoy diverse tastes, flavours and textures from around the world. Carers, parents and children are consulted about meals they enjoy. Favourite, healthy recipes from home are tried at Nursery and if they are a hit we include them in our menus.

Consultations and partnership

The Nursery sends out parent and carer consultations twice a year. This can be anonymous, via paper returns or emailed back. Feedback is given on the developments made via the, “You said, we did!” board in Nursery, as well as individual emails where requested. Special consultations are sent out if an area of the Nursery has planned refurbishment, for example an outdoor area. This ensures that we consider and act on carers and parent’s suggestions, when we can and when suggestions facilitate Nursery developments in partnership.

Open invitations

The Nursery offers open invitations for carers and parents to make appointments with their child’s Key Worker and, or the Nursery Manager to discuss their child, raise any concerns or to make suggestions. Parents or carers who have work, or personal commitments and are unable to spend time in the Nursery are welcome to speak to their child’s key worker or the Manager over the phone for a discussion about their child’s progress, development dietary requirements, sessions or any other topic.

Parent concerns

Occasionally carers, parents or Nursery have concerns about a child’s development, allergies, behaviour, health or learning. Robust partnership and discussions about a child’s needs are essential to ensure that the best interests of the child are provided for at all times. With agreement, on the basis that parents know their children best, Nursery works alongside professionals including: consultants, specialists, medical professionals and LA advisors. This ensures the child’s needs are met and the best possible outcomes for the child.

Full details of the Parent and Carer Partnership Policy, can be found here,