Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day experiences


This week the children enjoyed their Valentine’s Day experiences throughout the nursery. The Baby room enjoyed their sensory experiences of exploring red rice with funnels, pots and cups and loved tipping and pouring and exploring the sounds the rice made on the metal bowls and sprinkling using their fine motor skills.


The toddler room have had busy week fulfilled with array of activities. The toddler room enjoyed using stampers with paints to create their cards for their loved ones and were keen to explore their love jelly trays with tongs, measuring jugs and spoons. The children demonstrated high levels of engagement as they explore and share their experiences with their peers through smiling, laughing and commenting.


The preschool group linked Valentine’s Day into their activities this week through a variety of different experiences including mark making to create their own cards, making love potions adding their own imagination and thoughts to extend on their own ideas. The children enjoyed their story sessions around feelings linked with valentines and the feelings box of what makes us happy and people we love.

Personal, social and emotional development – managing feelings and behaviour 22-36 months “Can express their own feelings such as sad, happy, cross, scared, worried.”

Personal, social and emotional development - Making relationships – 30-50 months “Demonstrates friendly behaviour, initiating conversations and forming good relationships with peers and familiar adults.”